HealthyHer is a non-profit initiative, established in 2013 by Dr. Lior Baruch in order to implement a feminist approach to the medical practice, and to address inequality in healthcare.

HealthyHer operates on four levels:

  1. Promoting knowledge. Raising awareness to the unique health issues and needs of women and LGBTQI+, using the articles in our website, new and old media, talks and lectures
  2. Medical education. We teach healthcare students and providers how to apply a feminist approach to their practice
  3. Helping to shape feminist healthcare policies. We advise health organizations and government on gender mainstreaming and gender equity in healthcare
  4. Feminist medical research. We engage in medical research, focusing on feminist research questions and methodology
אודות ליאור ברוך לבריאותה רפואה פמיניסטית


Nice to meet you, I'm Dr. Lior Baruch

Founder and manager

Dr. Baruch graduated from Ben-Gurion University School of Medicine in 2010, and completed the Executive Women in Leadership certificate program in Cornell University in 2020. She served as a medical doctor in the Israeli navy and is now a family physician who works in the community.

Our Team
אודות שלי חיים יצחקי לבריאותה רפואה פמיניסטית

Shelly Haim Yizhaki

Newsletter team manager

Holds a B.A in Communication and Sociology and an MA degree in Gender studies from Tel Aviv University. Has worked for a number of years at the Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Tel Aviv. Women’s group facilitator of on sex, gender and sexuality. Project manager in the voluntary and business sector. Aims to promote health policies that benefit women and marginalized groups.

אודות תפארת לבריאותה רפואה פמיניסטית

Tiferet Goldfrad

Newsletter team

A Jewish orthodox feminist, and a nursing student at the Lev Academic Center. Volunteers as a medic in Magen David Adom. Believes feminist activism and accessible knowledge are acts of Tikun Olam.

אודות נורית רודיך לבריאותה רפואה פמיניסטית

Dr. Nurit Rudich

Social media manager

Holds a B.A in life sciences from Ben Gurion University of the Negev and a medical doctorate degree from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology (2018). A family medicine resident. Aims to bridge, reduce social gaps, and if possible – to do it with humor and color.

עידית וידר עגול

Idit Goodman Vieder

Social media team

A nursing graduate with midwifery training, I currently serve as a manager specializing in integrating healthcare professionals into the biotech and pharma industries. I run several communities on social media and guide women during and post-pregnancy. I firmly believe in disseminating knowledge and fostering innovation as tools for personal and societal growth and advancement.

אודות ניצן חיים לבריאותה רפואה פמיניסטית

Nitzan Haim

Content team manager

Holds a BSc. in Computer Science and Computational Biology from the Hebrew University, today an MSc. Computer Science and Computational Biology student at the Weizmann Institute. Believes in the power of science and technology to make a social impact. Yoga teacher, and an activist in empowering women and their health

אודות שירי מרגלית לבריאותה רפואה פמיניסטית

Shiri Margalit

Content team

Medical student at Tel Aviv University. Active in the field of sex and gender-conscious medicine, and believes in the integration of medicine with technology and innovation.
אודות ענבל מנדלר לבריאותה רפואה פמיניסטית

Inbal Mandler

Content team

Medical student at Ben Gurion University who actively promotes gender equality in medicine and in society as a whole. Previously, she led a project to increase awareness of youth sexual abuse and practiced at the office of MK Merav Michaeli.
Reserve officer in the IDF’s research division. Iyengar Yoga practitioner who believes in the importance of making medical knowledge accessible to every woman and man
אודות נגה שיפמן לבריאותה רפואה פמיניסטית

Dr. Noga Shiffman

Content team

Psychiatry Resident at Rambam Health Care Campus, B.Sc in Neuroscience from the Bar Ilan University. Researcher and activist for women’s health and feminist medicine.

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