HealthyHer was established in 2013 by Dr. Lior Baruch, (MD), in order to implement feminist theories and gender mainstreaming in medical practice, as well as to promote health equality for women and LGBTQI+ community. Dr. Baruch is a family physician who formerly served as a medical doctor in the Israeli navy.

During 2020 joined Dr. Noga Shiffman as content manager and Yael Zahavi as the Israeli social media manager.

The HealthyHer initiative started as a website, now the home of over 100 original articles. The articles deal with topics that intersect between medicine and feminism, including sex and gender conscious medicine, LGBTQI+ specific medicine, and health issues affecting women of ethnic and other minorities.

HealthyHer advises governmental and civil organizations and assists in applying feminist theories to their healthcare policies. Dr. Baruch and Dr. Shiffman teach feminist communication and clinical skills to healthcare students and faculty, and their medical research focuses on feminist healthcare issues.


Nice to meet you, I'm Dr. Lior Baruch

Founder and manager

Dr. Baruch graduated from Ben-Gurion University Medical school in 2010, and served as a medical doctor in the Israeli navy. She is now a family physician resident.

Dr. Baruch teaches feminist clinical and communication skills to healthcare professions students and faculty; advises government bodies and social organizations about designing feminist healthcare policies; and is engaged in academic and medical research.

Certificates and diplomas:

Cornell University, Executive Women in Leadership certificate program; Marine Medicine course and training; Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) certificate from the Israeli Society for Musculoskeletal Medicine;  PrEP administration qualification from the Israeli Ministry of Health; Motivational interviewing training by MI co-founder Prof. Stephen Rollnick

Our Team

Noga Shiffman

Content manager

Medical doctorate degree from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology (2019), B.A in neuroscience from Bar Ilan university (2014). A medical intern at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center.

Yael Zahavi

Social media manager

B.Sc in Life Sciences and Environmental Sciences from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Certified teacher of the fertility awareness method on behalf of the British organization NFPTA.

Holds a feminist worldview and believes it must be promoted in the field of science and medicine. 

נורית עיגול

Dr. Nurit Rudich

Social media team

Holds a B.A in life sciences from Ben Gurion University of the Negev and a medical doctorate degree from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology (2018). A family medicine resident. Aims to bridge, reduce social gaps, and if possible – to do it with humor and color.

שלי עגול

Shelly Haim Yizhaki

Newsletter writer

Holds a B.A in Communication and Sociology and an MA degree in Gender studies from Tel Aviv University. Has worked for a number of years at the Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Tel Aviv. Women’s group facilitator of on sex, gender and sexuality. Project manager in the voluntary and business sector. Aims to promote health policies that benefit women and marginalized groups.